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January 13, 2015

The 22-page story of Avalon is now available in the archives, starting here.

Since Avalon is now free, that kind of closes off the raffle entries, I guess? What I can do is add all donations until January 31 into the raffle drawing, in $5 increments. And/or all purchases of other stories. What do you readers think? Originally I said the raffle was closed to purchases of Avalon only, so if any of those 19 people would feel it's unfair, I wouldn't open it. If there are no objections, I will include all of those who donated.

Arc 18 - Written in the Stars
January 12, 2015

EDIT: Read to bottom of news for Avalon link!

Hey all. Thanks for being so patient while I dealt with my stuff. Updates for the rest of the month are MWF to make up for missing last week. Welcome to Arc 18, wherein Colbey couldn't give a shit about what others think is written in the stars. I almost drew a bootprint in those stars but I figured that'd be too corny.

Comic of the week (from like 3 weeks ago) is From the Machine.

SpiderForest offers a lot of spectacular comics, but From the Machine, unlike many of us, boasts a fully-traditional, hand-inked and toned style. It's steampunk, it's adventure, it's got pyromaniacs and bards. Please go check it out!

The quest to pay vet bills and make Avalon a free story for all is at $135285/250. Sidebar at RIGHT will keep track of that. The other stories can also be unlocked. Sorry, I know it's gimmicky. But I spent a shit ton on trying to make that dog's final days as comfortable as possible and I regret not a single thing I did. ...I just kinda have to pay it back. All purchases of WIT stories and donations will be counted. This will continue somewhat indefinitely.

As for the Avalon-only raffle, there are 19 entrants so far. Winner will receive their choice between a framed 12x18" poster print of this, or a 10x10" original canvas of this. Mailed at no charge of course.

Since I kind of hate myself without some furry friend, but I don't think I'm [emotionally] ready yet for another dog, I'm thinking of getting a cat. Or maybe a bird. Probably a cat. A nice, middle-aged lap cat that will randomly attack things at 3am. Yes.

Kez out. Have a great monday, folks.

EDIT: HOLY CRAP somebody just donated a huge amount. Enjoy Avalon! I will back-date the pages and add them to the archive properly by end of the day on Monday. Mr. Walker. THANKS! <3

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