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January 9, 2015

Thank you all for your kind words about Indy. Quite a few of you reached out to me personally with emails or contacted me on other social media. You are all really wonderful people.

I'm starting to come to terms with it all. Somewhat. Passed from despair to anger, for what that's worth. At least anger can be productive.

I know he was a dog. I can't even imagine the loss of a child or family member. And all this news of AirAsia and Charlie Hebdo makes me ashamed that I should be this broken up about a mere dog.

But he was my dog. A best friend. A companion for so long. And the last few months of his life were not easy. I could see him try so hard to get well, see it in his eyes, but he just couldn't. Pain is pain. Indy wasn't human, but he was a person. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, comics return January 10th. I'll update MWF the rest of the month to make up for missing this week.

A commenter mentioned I should make some sort of meter to see where we are in regards to making Avalon free for all readers. That has been added to the right sidebar. While I was at it, I added in the rest of the stories that are available, in the order of increasing popularity. $1000 is maybe 1/3 of what I spent on treatments/imaging for Indy since November. I think maybe half ($1500) that I managed to put on my debit card. The rest went onto the credit card. If I can make some of that back, it would be good. That meter over there will be pretty much indefinite. All purchases of any stories and all donations will get put in the pot.

As for the raffle for AVALON PURCHASES ONLY, there are 19 entrants so far, with the raffle closing end of January. Winner gets to select a framed and signed 12x18" print or an original 10x10" canvas in acrylics.

January 1, 2015

Hey guys. Sad news over here.

Indy passed away shortly after Christmas. I'm beyond broken up about it and have quite literally spent every night since then crying myself to sleep. He was my best friend--my constant shadow since I was 16. There is this giant hole in my life and everything at home reminds me of his absence. I'm trying to figure out how to handle this and I'm having a lot of trouble focusing on work. Most especially creative work like comics.

Planned on coming back on Jan 5th, I doubt I'll be able to. Hopefully the week after. Sorry. I'll try to update MWF the whole month to make up.

I sketched this WiT-related thing as it was becomming clear that Indy was continuing to decline from his latest episode instead of improving. It's not happy. But it's a stanza from my favorite song--After the Storm, by Mumford and Sons.

Thank you everyone who has bought Avalon. I think I've wracked up >3k in vet bills over the past 2 months and every little bit helps. I think 15 people so far have bought it, and I was going to do that thing where if 100 people did I'd make it free (if there were no objections). I'm going to decrease that to 50 people, and there's no time limit. May take a bit I suppose. Checking back over records, The Proposal was the most popular story at 63 purchases, so it's well within the realm of reason. If anyone who's bought Avalon was interested in that raffle for this piece framed and signed, I'll still do that. But there will be a time limit--end of January. No one seemed interested when I brought it up before, but I'll throw that back out there again. Or I suppose there's this canvas I hate that I don't want to sell. I dunno. Can't really think about this right now.

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