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Arc 17 - The Whizard and the King - Page 19
December 1, 2014

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WHOA Noor, getting all personal out of nowhere! But I bet she's asking a question you've all wanted an answer to.

Comic of the Week remains Soul to Call!

Delivery girl is a mail-order sacrifice to demons in a post-apocalyptic, demon-infested world, but this girl has more important things to do--such as kick ass and stomp faces. HIGHLY recommended if you guys like this comic.

So, dog update. About 1 month ago, my dog Indy had a severe internal bleed and almost died. There is a 75% chance he has a malignant tumor on his spleen, called hemangiosarcoma. The main treatment for it is surgical removal of the spleen. Now, my dog is 11, and while he's been otherwise a very healthy pup, I did not want to subject him to major surgery in the final days, maybe weeks of his life.

He had another bleed two weeks later, which put him off his feet (literally) almost a week. He is now doing much, much better. Based on his recovery and well, not dying (and lack of ascites and normal bloodwork as of the time I write this, among other evidence I won't bore you with), I think there is a fair-good chance he has a benign, solitary growth on his spleed that older dogs are predisposed to get. Surgical removal for this kind of mass is a "cure."

If it's not malignant cancer, I want my dog to have the splenectomy--he could have years left of life, otherwise shortened by serious internal bleeding. If it is malignant cancer, I don't want him to have surgery. The problem with this is that I can't biospy his tumor. First, it's a bloody tumor. You take a sample and likely will only get blood, which can't tell you anything about the cancer itself (it's called hypocellular). Second, doing a biospy can increase the risk of a fatal bleed (poking a bloody tumor with a giant needle isn't a great idea). So, that leaves doing imaging (MRI or CT). Which will run about $500. Should he be eligible for surgery, that's another $3000-6000.

So, I'm raising funds, at the very least, for the advanced imaging. To that end, as mentioned previously, there will be a new downloadable story called Avalon, available on Dec 10. There will be one piece of artwork available for a raffle winner, framed and signed. Also, these will be available for sale separately:

Click to make it bigger. They are 10x10" canvases, acrylics, and original works for sale for $125+shipping (starting on December 10th). I'll be making a few more. I have another 4-5 canvases I'll doing with the same kind of theme. They are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas (US residents only, sorry! Customs sometimes keeps stuff for weeks!) if bought before Dec 22nd. If you have someone in your life that would appreciate a piece of original art you bought for a great cause, keep this in mind.

If you want to reserve a blank canvas and color, please drop me an email: It'll be half up front and half on completion.

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