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Arc 17 - The Whizard and the King - Page 17
November 26, 2014

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Pages like this one are the reason why I wish I had an excuse to upload in batches. There's not a lot going on (though the observant folks among you might gather some hints) and it's a transitional page. I try my best to follow the webcomics rule of "every page must be important/something must happen on every page," so usually I sneak something in even if it's not readily apparent. If I were the kind of person to batch-upload pages, I might take more page space to set up the environment and world build, but I get the feeling that people who read this comic are interested in stuff happening. And by stuff, I mean the kind that hits the fan.

Comic of the Week is Soul to Call!

Delivery girl is a mail-order sacrifice to demons in a post-apocalyptic, demon-infested world, but this girl has more important things to do--such as kick ass and stomp faces. HIGHLY recommended if you guys like this comic.

In other news, if you're a Patron, check out the activity feed to read up to the end of this chapter!. Shortly I will begin posting sketch pages of the new downloadable short story: Avalon. It will take place immediately after the events of Arc 17.

Since I'm super hard up for money I need to get my dog the best cancer treatment available, there will be yet another raffle! This will be for original artwork that's already complete. One is a framed and signed 12x18" poster of a steeping teapot whose steam forms a universe, and the second is a 10x10" canvas I painted of clouds on a sunny day. I'll get pictures of that up later. Remember that Patrons giving $10 or more get complimentary access to this new story immediately, and Patrons at lower tiers who support >$15 in total will now also receive access to the stories.

Multiple patrons at $5 levels have already reached this mark, and I will shortly give out access.

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the US, the rest of you have an awesome Thursday. Catchya Friday! <3

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