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Arc 17 - The Whizard and the King - Page 15
November 19, 2014

Vote to see the next page early! Sorry about getting it up late, TWC was down when I tried to upload it. Available now!

Arthur sure is defensive about something.

So I've noticed that since moving to a steady habit of having the next page available as a vote incentive, comments on this comic have really dropped. While I'm happy to provide the next page, I also really love comments, so if you have something to say about the vote incentive, you don't have to hold back <3

Comic of the Week is Stargazer's Gate! In this world-hopping sci-fi/fantasy, follow a woman who may or may not be a galactic-class criminal as she figures out where she's been, who she's crossed, and what the hell she's done.

Been a really rough week. Check in with you on Friay.

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