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Arc 17 - Whizard and the King - Page 14
November 14, 2014

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Nope. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. *whistles* No new news, so here's from Wednesday!

Comic of the Week is Chirault!

Poor Teeko gets shrunk down to the size of squirrel thanks to a mangled spell, and she needs the help of a demon hunter (who is a demon himself) to get herself back to normal size! Too bad some dark shit is going down, rogue wizards are creating magic's version of the atomic bomb, and cities are just flat out disappearing. NEVER MIND KILLER TREE LADIES.

It's a great story, and there's a new kickstarter to publish the first book! Varethane's first goal was BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER ON DAY 1, so now the fun is seeing how many stretch goals she can make. Huzzah!

Don't forget about this awesome review Dan of Demon Archives did of What it Takes!

And of course, support of the Patreon gets all of you more pages each month. If we hit the next goal, that's 3 weeks of MWF updates each month. And, oh yeah, if you missed Monday's Patreon-funded update, go back! Current Patrons, I just posted 3 more pages, up to December 1st.

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