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Arc 17 - Whizard and the King - Page 11
November 7, 2014

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EDIT: zomg, Peter and Colbey got a cameo in Dream*scar! Check it out in panel 3!

DOUBLE EDIT: What it Takes got featured under "Why I Read" at The Demon Archives!. Check out the review here. If you're a fan of WiT, you'll also really enjoy DA, so get to readin'!

I joked on twitter the other day I should have named this chapter "Noor's Endless Facepalm." Or perhaps, "Frenemies." It all fits.

Did you miss Monday's update? Go back two pages! Remember, MWF updates for the first two weeks of everyone month from now on, thanks to Patreon support. If you're already a supporter, be sure to check the activity feed to view pages up to November 21st.

The SpiderForest Comic of the Week is LaSalle's Legacy!

A pirate half-brother, long-form adventure story, [somehow adorable] necromancy, and a quest for answers. Capt'n LaSalle wants to know the truth about his dear ol' dad, who might not be nearly as good a guy as he was led to believe. It's a great story to sink your teeth into, so get reading!

I just dropped another $300 on my dog today, so this weekend I'll be working on a new downloadable story. It'll be another extension story (like Arc 5), where extra details that are cut out get to have their own time. Arc 17 should be over the second week of December, and the story will be available then for $5. Patrons giving $10 or more of course get it on their feeds (along with the other available stories).

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