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Arc 17 - Whizard and the King - Page 9
November 3, 2014

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I dunno, Colbs, that sounds pretty much par for the course here in the good ol' U. S. of A.

Everyone, please thank the 22 wonderful Patrons for making today's page (and NEXT Monday's) possible. If you ARE a patron, be sure to check the activity feed for the next THREE WEEKS' worth of pages. You've earned it!

If you're thinking about becoming a Patron, or don't know what it is, you can check out what I have to say about it here. Bottom line is, half of the funds generated will be saved to help publish What it Takes as a book as the comic nears completion. The other half will now be used to purchase medication for my dog. I hadn't decided what to use it for, but after his recent diagnosis, it's a pretty easy choice for me. The stuff I want to buy, this stuff in particular, is pricey. My dog is large, and it's basically ~$100/week. I don't except to get ANYWHERE close to that on the Patreon, but every little bit helps.

No worries if you can't or don't want to become a Patron. I get it. I must come across 3 or 4 Go Fund Me's or Patreons each day I wish I could support, but just can't. So don't feel bad. Just thanks for reading!

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Peace out, folks. I leave you with another picture of my dog.

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