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Arc 16 - The Whizard and the King - Page 4
October 17, 2014

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Sorry for late news update, tried to get around to it, but uggghh. But, AWESOME NEWS! The third Patreon goal was blown out the water by a very generous patron, and so you guys all now get two weeks of MWF updates, starting in November! Haven't had a chance to update the sidebar, but I will later today!

In other news. Colbey. He's RIGHT THERE. HOW COULD I WRITE THIS?!

Comic of the Week is Lapse! Bianca "Bean" Fortune is not very fortunate at all. She grew up in a haunted house with an over-bearing, perfectionist mother, and to top it all off, she might have fallen to her possible death in the same house. Separated from her body, unable to contact her loved ones, "aided" by clueless ghosts, and chased by a demon-like creature, Bean is on a paranormal adventure of a deathtime. Near death time? Just not lifetime. Poor Bean! Great story, so go read it!

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