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Arc 17 - Whizard and the King - Page 3
October 15, 2014

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Yup, that's right Colbey, ignore what inconveniences you. ...and you ignore the rest too.

EDIT: omigosh, forgot comic of the week! This week's comic spotlight is on Lapse!

Bianca "Bean" Fortune is not very fortunate at all. Growing up in a haunted house with an over-bearing, perfectionist mother, and oh yeah--falling to her possible death in the haunted house. Separated from her body, unable to contact her loved ones, aided by clueless ghosts, and chased by demon-like creatures, Bean is on a paranormal adventure of a deathtime. Near death time? Just not lifetime. Poor Bean! Great story, so go read it!

So, this past week was pretty horrible. Ended up at the emergency vet with my dog early saturday morning when I was supposed to be on the road to an important conference. $400 and 3 hours later I just said screw it and stayed home.

Dog is recovering. Walking like he's drunk but recovering. Vestibular nerve inflammation.

In better news, I'd like to thank two new Patreon sponsors, Bob and Nathan! Thank you guys so much! That means we're only $12 away from a second monday update every month. Well, a certain Mr. Gamble ROCKS and blasted away the next goal. There will be TWO weeks of MWF updates in November! <3 You all are seriously amazing.

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