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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 22
June 16, 2010

Wow, I really glad I uploaded this page in advance because I totally forgot to update last night. :D This is the final page of Arc 2! Arc 3, A City in Place will start on Monday. I may or may not be updating on Friday. If I am, it will be late, as I will have gotten back from the MCAT in Pittsburgh rather late, and will probably be out (err, in) drinking Kirin Ichiban and catching up on Dr. Who. I've been studying rather intensely for it these past weeks, and it's an important exam. It will be nice to have the stress off my shoulders at 7:30pm tomorrow.

In other news, Darwin called it! The adrenaline rush=mega puke for the uninitiated. Adrenaline results in the movement of the blood from your gut to your limbs for that flight or fight response. However, taking the blood out of the digestive tract leads to the unfortunate side effect of teh blaaarrrggs. This is why some people may blow chunks after a car crash, near death experience, period of intense stress, etc.

Heh. That could have sounded much more scientific if I wanted it. The action is over for now, and the next bit is all story. More deaths in Arc 4: The Yeti, all you redshirts looking forward to it.