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Arc 17 - Whizard and the King - Cover
October 6, 2014

Welcome back, WiTreaders! It's just a cover page today, but you can vote to see the next page early! Patrons can see the next FIVE pages up on their activity feed. Only takes $1/month to get the access to early pages, and other rewards are offered at other levels! ALSO IF YOU ARE A SUPPORTER >$5/MONTH AND YOU DIDN'T GET THE FULL SIZE VERSION OF PORTRAIT, please let me know. I only uploaded them at 50% size on the thank you page.

The comic of the week is Sombulus!

If you like zany fantasy and brilliant characters, this is for you! Full-color graphic novel, long form story, comic-lover's dream. Check out these gorgeous pages!

If you missed it before, you can read this interview over at The Demon Archives. If you want to know about some of the stuff that greatly inspired What it Takes (and my other comic, The War of Winds, or maybe about why I'm doing an MD/PhD, it's all over there! And The Demon Archives is a great post-apocalyptic read I can't recommend enough!

This chapter, The Whizard and the King, is one I've been waiting to write for awhile. This comic alternates a lot between "survivors going about their life (ie, living)" and "someone about to be killed/doing the killing (ie, dying)." Admittedly, I like the former better than the latter--because it's more about people. People make stories interesting. Survival where it's one person in danger of being slaughtered by others/killed by the elements, doesn't offer much in the way of character development to me--always thought they were kind of boring. This chapter is all Colbey's personality being pinged off other people, who she is, what she does and does not know, and how that affects her choices.

It's not well articulated, but there it is.

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