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October 1, 2014

As the picture says, updates resume on Monday, October 6th! All patreon supporters can head over to their activity feed to see the next 4 updates: 1 cover page and 3 pages.

As you wait for updates, please go check out the SpiderForest comic of the Week, Supervillainous!

This comic is created by Zappit, and any fan of the humorous anti-hero will greatly enjoy. A story told from the perspective of a supervillain, explosions, minions dying left and right...! It is just so difficult to find good minions these days. Here's a recent one that made me splurt tea on my monitor at work. Read it! Enjoy! Spread the word!

Some random news: I was interviewed about the art club I started at Upstate, where I am a student. People are always surprised for some reason that I in fact do not look like Colbey, so here is some photographic evidence! Had an awesome time talking about things I'm passionate about: art, science, life.

That's all for now, may edit later. Have a great wednesday, folks! I'm trying to get a video ready on how I make pages to put up on the Patreon, so maybe check back Friday if you want to see that. Anyone recommend any good [free] video editing software? Lost all mine when I upgraded from XP D:

EDIIIIIITTT! Can't believe I forgot! A second interview you can go check out was just posted by Daniel Sharp of The Demon Archives. Daniel is an MD/PhD student (like myself), and he's the writer of this post-apocalyptic badass comic you should be reading. Seriously, go read it, you know you want to. Not like there'll be any updates here for another week! You have time. You can see the interview here!

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