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Arc 16 - First Contact - Page 25
September 19, 2014

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Yuri, how are you even walking right now? You've been shot! Multiple times! And you look happy! ...dude. In some places, like this conversation, my script is really vague about characters. So on the spot, I'll usually make one up. And sometimes, I like them enough that I'll keep them around. That's how Noor happened. Thinking I might bring this new lady back for a repeating role.

Thank you to the latest two patreon supporters, Sara and Triskaideka! Only $19/month in support and there will be two weeks of MWF updates every month! That's only a few more supporters! My patreon supports me in the original venture of making comics while offering perks for certain levels of support--like portraits, or now, credit toward commissions! Check out the new tier available!

Also, new portraits are up on the Thank You page! There's a paintbender and a Canadian pirate.

Lastly, thank you all very much for your continued support on the voting toplist! I've consistently been rising in the ranks, holding the 50's right now. The company I'm keeping there is pretty impressive <3

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