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Arc 16 - First Contact - Page 24
September 17, 2014

Vote to see the next page early! Guess it's time to clean up the mess, Yuri. Speaking of, Yuri has been added to the Cast Page. Apparently he thinks the cast page is a dating site...

Anyway! Don't forget, all Patrons can see out to the end of this chapter on their activity feed. There are 3 more pages, ending on the 26th, and then I will take a week off before starting the next chapter, The Whizard and the King, starting with a MWF update week on October 6th. I'm considering posting the entire script for the next chapter for $5+ Patrons--you guys interested? AND I added a new reward tier, for anyone interested in commissioning me. Pledge $25+ each month and half of that goes toward commission credit. Details on the patreon page. Thanks for all your support, Patrons! <3

I've got other news, but will edit later. Have a great wednesday, folks!

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