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Arc 16 - First Contact - Page 21
September 5, 2014

Hey all! The vote incentive today is an image that's been up on the facebook page, of a long over-due prize for a certain raffle winner! Sorry, no next page, still working on it. :) Don't forget, if you missed it, there was an update on Monday! Thank you Patreon supporters!

I'm going to keep pimping that Patreon over there in the sidebar for the time being. Only $22 until the next tier is reached and the second extra update is locked in. Copying from previous news posts, I also wanted to explain something for those of you who may be put off by the tier placements. I started this with 4 carefully considered tiers--$20 for no ads, $50 for an extra page, $100 for a second extra page, and $250 for an extra monthly story.

The first goal was a test to see if there would be support, deliberately set pretty low. You guys rocked that one, and I was ever so happy to get rid of ads.

But to some readers, I'm sure it seems like A LOT to ask for that much ($50 and $100) for extra pages. But I'm not asking for $100 to make a page. On average, I do 8-9 pages of What it Takes per month. Add in an extra page to make an even 10. My patreon isn't set up to pay for extra work--it's made to help pay for the USUAL. So am I asking $50/page? NO. More like $5 for TEN pages put up each month.

$100 for 2 extra page? NO. $10 for each update.

My goal for this Patreon is to reach $200 per month, or $20/page. I think that's fair. Not even minimum wage (takes me 3 hours/page), but hey, I'd take it to do something I already love doing.

So even if you don't support my patreon, remember that for OTHERS' Patreons, the creators may be offering extra perks and stuff, but the goal? It's to get paid for the stuff they are ALREADY doing. You're supporting the person/team more than just the product in a lot of cases.

And now that I'm back in town, I'll be getting going on the portraits I owe again! I really appreciate your patience <3

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