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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 21
June 10, 2010

(Yes, that knife has been in her pocket since the beginning)! So...I was a bit iffy about drawing that killing panel there. It's a real close line to murder. Actually, it just about IS murder. What does Colbey think of her actions? Find out on the next, and final, page of this arc. I am curious to know what readers think of her action though. Murder, or a necessary evil? More merciful to kill him then tie him up and let him die of thirst? She can't have him following her, after all! There are are a few ways to look at it. And that final panel? What's up with that!?

And our damsel is very damsel-y, isn't he? Tripping as he runs from the bad guy, just about completely useless...and now, fainting? Really? But what will be the fate of this poor kid? Will Colbey finish him off like the others? Hmm, she HAS turned into a bit of an anti-heroine.

My MCAT (for med school) is next Thursday, so I don't know what the status of the Wed/Fri updates will be this coming week. I'm trying to work ahead, only letting myself draw after studying, but my schedule is liable to change at any moment. I HAVE been steadily Ustreaming Sunday-Thursday nights though, starting at about 8:30-9:30EST. Tune in! It's a fun time.

Donations to Defenders of Wildlife, get more pages
June 10, 2010

Hey guys! As some of you may be aware from my other works, I care a great deal about the success of the reintroduction of wolves in the United States (Yellowstone) as well as the continued protection of all endangered and/or threatened species in this country. If you donate any amount to this Defenders of Wildlife campaign before MONDAY, send me the receipt ( and I'll add it to the Chip-in amount for extra pages in July. If we go over the total for 4 Monday pages, the extra will be toward even MORE pages that month, on Thursdays. Since I am poor and studying my ass off currently, I have nothing to donate to this cause.

The campaign that ends Monday is to fight to protect the wolves from game hunters NEXT FALL, who are seeking to expand quotas and trapping abilities. Now, anyone who wants to go out there with a bowie knife and kill themselves a wolf like a man, feel free. I'm all for that. The wolf probably has better than an equal chance. Kez is not a fan of using high-powered rifles, bait-and-trap, or aerial hunting to give humans more advantage than they need or even should have, especially when animal being killed is for trophy, not food. Trophy hunting is disgusting. But that is just my oh-so-humble opinion.