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Arc 16 - First Contact - Page 11
August 6, 2014

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OH SO CLOSE. SO close. Swing and a miss!

Loved the discussion on friday's page about post-apocalyptic weaponry. Keep it comin'!

And I'd just like to point out that the Patreon over there is THREE WHOLE BUCKS away from one guaranteed extra monday update each month. Just sayin'. The next portrait is mostly done, just trying to find time to sit down and edit some details. You can of course see the completed portraits on the Thank You page!

In other far more important news, SpiderForest is so proud to announce our mighty new members! There are some AWESOME comics to check out, so please do!

  • Altar Girl: Ashley Altars has a major crush on Adam Evenine, one of the most popular boys in school. She also unwittingly holds one of the two keys to Heaven and Earth! The owner of the other key is a guy named Seth Charming, who has been dead since the late 1920s, but has been brought back to life by the heavenly "Gemini Twins" Sera & Cherry. Life is tough for the Altar Girl.
  • From the Machine: A runaway supersoldier and a lady bard go on adventures with a snarky pilot; a weird guy who talks to trees finds a lost kid on a battlefield and ends up taking care of him. On their journeys they encounter assassins, toxic forests, draconic airships, and a search for a mythical land.
  • Ianua: A young man named Janus lies at the center of web of fate that connects them all. His encounter with a unbound demon will bring about a series of trials, dangers and magic that has not been seen in centuries.
  • Moonslayer: When Syrma discovers that she is the victim of a curse that will end her life, she intends to change her fate. For this she must destroy the goddess who condemned herů and time is running out.
  • Soul to Call: The Fall devastated earth, leaving the ruins infested by abominations and the occult. Surrounded by danger and insanity, there's only two things on a young courier's mind: family, and survival.
  • Star Cross'd Destiny: focused around five misfit young adults in New Orleans who are cursed/blessed with supernatural powers. The controllor of Air, Juno, is a smartass alcholic with anger issues who has a rap sheet ten miles long, is wanted by the police and the Cajun mafia, and can't seem to keep her nose out of trouble.
  • Terra: follows a group of characters who band together to stop a devastating interplanetary war.
  • Zukahnaut: After years of hiding on Earth a lonely alien finally reveals himself. Can Zukah fight his own nature to redeem a wasted life?

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