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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 20
June 8, 2010

What's that rule? Don't engage in a conversation with people right before you kill them because that will give them a chance to escape? Is the dude dead? Did Colbey kill him or just knock him out? Why didn't he draw the damn knife when Colbey was running down the hill? Who is this Arthur fellow? And really, King Arthur? WTF???!!1!!one!?

Perhaps this page will result in more questions, perhaps not. No, Camelot will not be appearing in this film. It's only a model anyway.

I've been Ustreaming at about 9pm-11:30pm EST every night for the past couple days. Tune in if you want a chance to get a question answered! I offer that to one lucky person at the end of drawing session. I announce the start of the show on the forum, on FB and on Twitter.

Studying for the MCAT is going well. Only 8 more days though, so I'll be offline for the majority of every day until then, except when Ustreaming at night. I've gone through Gen Chem and Orgo so far, started Physics today. Should only need about another 2 days to refresh it in m'brains. 'Luckily' the MCAT is less about memorization and more about application of concepts. Otherwise, I'd be screwed. Hofmann rearrangement what now? :P

And yeah, for those of you who thought that art and comics were my life and I want to be a professional comic artist...think again! Art is where I decompress...and work out my violent tendencies. Ahem. There's obviously a lot of the latter. But I told you all this arc would earn the R rating! Enjoy, until Friday!:P

OH! And remember, this month, due to MCAT studying, I have not offered the extra Monday updates, so this comic will be updating on its NORMAL schedule, W/F. If you'd like Monday updates in July, the Chip-in is on the left sidebar, and it's $15 per extra page.