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Arc 16 - First Contact - Page 3
July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July, you freedom-loving, firework-shooting, bald eagles in human form you <3 MURICA! (The rest of you, have an awesome day).

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Don't forget that SpiderForest is accepting applications for new members until July 24th! If you know someone who'd like to join a community of awesome comic creators, point them our way <3 For this round, we are only accepting applications from independently self-hosted parties.

Looks like whatever this job is, Peter wants no part of it. But I wonder how well his morals will hold up against unrelenting hunger...

Unrelated, readers continually bring this up to me every few weeks, so I figured I'd float it by all of you at once: Patreon. Supports can give monthly amounts to creators of their choice, and depending on how much, they get access to different things like behind the scenes, pages in advance, extra content, more frequent updates, etc. For those of you who have used it (either as a sponsor OR a creator), how do you like it? I personally love it when my favorite comics use it since I can support them, it's convenient, I get access to perks, and it feels good to just be able to help comic creators reach their goals. For my work personally, I kind of prefer to straight up SELL stuff though. I'd feel bad if say, you guys meet a Patreon goal, and I have to miss an update, or I need to take time off, etc. Selling stuff is just easier. And with my academic schedule, comic isn't the priority all the time.

But, since it's readers that keep bringing it up, I'd like your opinion: would you rather I stick to sellable items like extra storylines *points to PDFs to the right*, or set up a Patreon and give donators access to that sort stuff, options for extra updates? If I did the patreon, I'd take down the ads, so that's something too.

So what I'm saying is I'm kind of ambivalent about it. If you've got an opinion, lemme have it. You all have been incredibly supportive of this comic and I really don't want to take advantage of people. I want to give you guys a story you enjoy, I want to have fun working on it, and it's nice to occasionally make something off the comic.

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