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Arc 16 - First Contact - Cover
June 25, 2014

So apparently I should reference my script before I go ahead and say what arc is coming next. The Whizard and the King is Arc 17, my bad! But who cares? I'm baaaaaaa-aaack!

And we're back to Peter in this Arc, looking scruffier than ever. Many thanks to Jess Mahler for the guest fiction interlude in my absence.

In my world during my "vacation" from the comic, I completed by qualifying exam and the world is wonderful once again. I'm excited to finish up the final segments of this story. It's the beginning of the end! Book 4 begins.

A note: there will be no aliens (especially Borg) in this comic. There's another reference for first contact, anyone care to guess?

EDIT! How could I forget? SpiderForest, the network my comics are a part of, is accepting applications for new members From July 1-24th. It's a great place to be, lovely people, banner rotations, traffic, etc. For this application season (we usually do it twice a year) we are only accepting applications for self-hosted members. So if you have your own site and don't need to be hosted by us, you are certainly welcome to apply.

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