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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 18
June 2, 2010

Moving along. This page is pretty packed, whoops. Hopefully everyone can gather what's going on here.

Something a few readers are confused about is thinking that this comic is some sort of "guide" to strategy or survivalism. Please don't mix up a COMIC with "what you should do." It's supposed to be fun, violent, and semi-realistic only. In real fights, people make bad calls. Adrenaline is coursing through your system, you get tunnel vision, you stop thinking and start REACTING. Training is supposed to correct bad reactions (jumping/freezing, if someone scares you, becomes an instant attack or defense)and instill better ones, but there's often over-reaction or under-reaction still. It is very easy to be on the outside of a fight and yell, "why didn't you take that knee-bar?!" or "it would have been more tactically sound to flank with the moon at your back!" but in the heat of the moment, I'm going to guess everyone except SEALs and Rangers, etc, will make these kinds of mistakes. Colbey isn't perfect despite being a martial artist. But, she CAN react, she's tough, she knows enough not to get herself killed. THAT is the point of the story. She's not Electra or Cat Woman or prodigy prophesied in legend. She's just...Colbey.

Now that THAT's out of my system, on with the story! 4 more strips to go in this arc. This strip too was done live on Ustream. I find I'm much more focused when there's an audience. D: Been getting these done in under 3 hours! That's very good for me. I will be doing Friday's strip live on Thursday night, starting at about 8:30PM EST. I'll announce it in the forum, on Twitter and on FB if you'd like to tune in and see it in process. At the end of the session, I answer 1 question from the audience--any question--regarding my comics. If you have a burning question, tune in and ask!

Also, if you liked the M/W/F updates all of May, you can help that continue in July! I regret I won't have the time in June to even OFFER the extra updates, but I put up the Chip-in widget (left sidebar, at top) early anyway. The normal update schedule for this comic is W/F, but every $15 gets everyone an extra Monday update. Regardless of the total, What it Takes will update W/F. I'm only offering EXTRA updates.