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Arc 15 - The Devil We Know - Page 6
April 9, 2014

You can vote to see the next page early! Hoping this page reads alright, might move the bubbles around to make the exchange more apparent later.

You guys want free extra updates? I'm tired of paying for advertising. If you guys vote me into the top 100 of TWC by Friday, there will be an update on Monday. We are currently hovering between 100-110, so this is certainly doable. EDIT! Currently hovering at 101. Come on! One more spot! EDIT 2: You did it! Top 100! There will be an extra page on Monday! If you want an extra page NEXT Monday, keep voting to make the top 70! Only a little over 100 votes to go!

If you get me into the top 70, there will an extra Monday update the week after. Top 50, that's three extra updates. Top 25? WHOLE MONTH of extra updates.

It's there if you want it, folks. I'll check daily to see where we are on the TWC. If I miss it and we make a ranking, take a screenshot and email it to me,

Happy voting, folks!

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