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Arc 15 - The Devil We Know - Page 5
April 4, 2014

You can vote to see the next page early! HAPPY 400TH PAGE TO ME YAAAAAY PARTY WHOOHOO

Also, typo corrected. Argh. Thanks for the catch. But it's 404 day. I get to have errors today.

Have a good day, Colbey? I bet that didn't sound forced at all.

For those of you wracking your brains trying to figure out why Colbey isn't outright trying to murder Arthur, well, consider the title of this chapter a clue.

I'm working my way towards getting a solid buffer for this comic again, and I'm a few pages ahead. I can't wait until next Tuesday...the grant I've been writing is due, and when that's done, my life becomes my own again.

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