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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 17
May 31, 2010

...What? That's probably what I'd yell if someone shot me!

Yes, our poor damsel, tripping over himself as he races away from the baddie. Can we all agree this is the point in the theater where you SIGH and ROLL YOUR EYES at the antics of the damsel as she runs from the masked, horrific killer? Yes. I've always hated those scenes.

EDIT: Oh how could I forget!? Today is the start day of my friend Taka's newest comic, Kyuodaikido Soldier Chromacorps! Like What it Takes, KSC will feature a lot of martial arts, drawn and written by an experienced martial artist! ...Who is also a Power Rangers fan. This is guaranteed to fun and cool, so take a gander! Page 1 is just up today.

This update concludes the last of the May Monday updates, and the extra updates are not offered for June! So this month the comic will only update Wednesday and Fridays. However, if you enjoyed the 3x weekly updating, you can Chip-in (*points left at the widget*) and purchase the extra pages! Each one is $15, which is just over $5/ a deal. Extras will roll over to the following month. I won't lie, any little amount would help out right now. I've been so busy studying and working in the lab and doing THIS month's extra updates that I haven't been able to do any commissions...which are my main source of income. Must...practice...more...time management D:

There is also What it Takes issue 1 IN PRINT for sale! I haven't had a chance to put it up in the store, but you can order it through Paypal for $5 + $1 shipping in the states. If you're ordering from elsewhere, please email me first!

Issue 1 is 22 grayscale pages plus a color cover, dimensions 5.5x9":