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Arc 15 - The Devil We Know - Page 1
March 21, 2014

The next storyline begins! Thank you for your patience. You can vote to see a sketch of the next page.

So, this is Colbey for this arc. Apparently she got a hair cut, brushed her hair, is wearing polite attire, and is not trying to viciously murder Arthur. What gives?

The conference in New Orleans was pretty rad. Totally overwhelming in terms of the shear amount of knowledge, but rad. Especially because I got to hang out with a friend in the flesh! Online friends no more, now we are friend-friends! With pictures and everything!

I think I might try to do another downloadable story pretty soon, if anyone has any character preferences let me know. I still think Peter's first few days at The City would be...riveting.

Thanks for reading! Catch ya wednesday.

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