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Arc 15 - Cover - The Devil We Know
March 12, 2014

The next arc begins! And just because I was taking a break from What it Takes doesn't mean I wasn't drawing like a maniac. As president of SUNY Upstate's brand spankin new art club, my first order of business was to nab us a month-long gallery spot at our library! Which means I was getting completed works ready for display, as well as finally finishing up a book cover for my novel/comic, The War of Winds.

I'll be showing a few "family friendly" pages of What it Takes (man, so hard to find ones without violence, swearing, or display of weapons!), some War of Winds pages, and some other War of Winds related art I have yet to print out.

Argh, displaying digital work is expensive! You have to print it, frame it, have it suitable for hanging...too bad I can't just frame a giant print of "READ MY COMICS AT WAROFWINDS.COM" instead...

But in more important news, I'm off to New Orleans this friday for a 4-day long conference, so I won't be updating with pages for this chapter until MARCH 21!. No travel computer means no working on things, and like I've said, I have been very busy these past two weeks with other art. But, if you're local to New Orleans and you are a fan of this comic, I will bring down a copy of What it Takes issue 1, draw a doodle in it for you, and give it to you, if you make it to the hotel lobby where I'll be staying. Or I'll leave it with the front desk if I won't be there. Drop a comment and I'll make sure to bring a copy for you. Free, might I add, as a small thanks for reading. But only if you come in person! I ain't paying for no shipping.

Peace out, folks, catch you on the 21st.

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