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Arc 14 - Peter's Middle Name - Page 36
February 26, 2014

And that's a wrap for Arc 14, folks! I might end up adding one page so it has a bit less of a JUMP--THE END feel. But, regardless, I'm taking 2 weeks off for sanity and health reasons.

When I return, Arc 15, The Devil We Know, begins. And back to Colbs! This story is slated to end on Arc 20, so we are fast approaching a climax! And by fast I mean it'll take another year and a half. I'm behind schedule. When I started this 2009, I expected a 5 year run. I'll be a bit late...but eh, pretty close! Not bad considering my last comic took 10 years ugh, and ended in the middle of the story.

Thanks for reading <3. In the meantime, you can follow me on tumblr or on the FB fan page to keep up with my insanity.

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