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Arc 14 - Peter's Middle Name - Page 32
February 12, 2014

Vote to see the next comic early! Warning for violence, just FYI. I realize this is an R comic and all, but I think some wounds have more profound impact than others.

Comic of the Week is the fantastic Only Half Saga! In a post-apocalyptic world supernatural creatures have taken the opportunity to make their presence public. That doesn't mean all of them are on equal terms. Dhampirs have never been of equal standing with their vampire cousins - humans are not accepting of things they don't understand - leaving them struggling to survive between societies that don't want them. This is their story...

Darwin, the genius behind this RATED M series (NSFW, folks!), has been a great supporter of my comics for years. So go give her work a look, and be sure to check out all the side stories, her novels (she's published, yo), and of course, her other comic, Gemutations: Plague.

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