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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 16
May 28, 2010

And here's your Friday update! Wow it's a marathon getting 3 of these up 3 days in a row. Guh. This strip was drawn live on Livestream, though due to CONSTANT AND INSIDIOUS ADS ABOUT CONSTIPATION, I will be moving to Ustream. At the end of the drawing session, I offer the chance for anyone watching to ask any question about any of my comics and get it answered, no hedging allowed. Only one question gets answered though, and its the first one asked. If you have a question that's been eating at you, be online Sunday at 9pm EST. I'll post reminders on my Twitter and FB.

In case anyone hasn't caught on yet, the "Damsel in Distress" in this arc is NOT Colbey. I hate stories that revolve around the damsel always needing rescue, so I titled the arc as such to play on the concept. The kid being accosted is the damsel in need of rescuing. Colbey is the heroine, though not all to heroic about it.

I guess the question here is, where was our girl aiming? Uh oh.