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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 15
May 27, 2010

EDIT: I realized that this very same bastard/bitch quip was used in a friend's comic not so long ago. I will change that ASAP. Almost kept me up last night! DOUBLE EDIT: I take it back. I had remembered wrong. It's similar, but hopefully not too much. It stays, because it makes me snicker.

Here's your Thursday-making-up-for-not-updating-Monday update! Please enjoy. I had so many issues drawing this it wasn't funny. Cannot wait to get back to blades. Guns may be more realistic in this setting, but I much prefer drawing blades. Far less complex! Argh.

So this was the very first thing I drew live on Livestream. It took me forever to make the leap, but I didn't totally choke under the pressure of drawing live. Here's my channel! It seems they censor language AND have random ads though, so don't know if I'll stay there. Tune in tonight at 9PM EST to watch me draw Friday's page.

Not much else to say about the page. I improv a lot of dialogue as I get there, here's hoping Colbey's silent retorts are amusing instead of annoying.

If you have a chance, please for the love of me paying my BILLS, if you haven't taken this short survey by my ad provider, here's the link! They don't give me ads if they don't have a good idea of the audience.

Lastly, a reminder that I've switched out the Chip-in for extra pages this JULY *points left* Every $15 is a Monday strip, the same thing that was going for May. I regret I will not have the time in June to offer the extra updates, so WiT will revert back to the original W/F schedule starting next week, and I may have trouble keeping even that up with the studying I need to do. Guh. Ok, bed for me. Stuff happens next page!