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Comic Creators for Freedom
December 2, 2013

...and the facepunches continue unto infinity.

As I said, out of town this week for far away funeral proceedings, so no comics until next Wednesday. However! If you're looking for a great cause that makes Colbey want to destroy things (as in, slavery), you should donate to Love146 donation drive put on by the Comic Creators for Freedom. Colbey of course, participated this year. Donate any amount >$1 and you get a rad wallpaper with everyone's (and that's 167) picture(s).

Last year I counted donations to the CCF drive toward extra pages, but alas, regardless of how much I'd like to, I think there will be no time for extra updates in December. As you can tell from Novemeber, my time has been limited. When I can finally be in the same place for more than a week, that will change. Argh.

For my American brethren, hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday. As for the rest of you wonderful people, hope you had a great weekend. See you next week!

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