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Fan arts!
November 1, 2013

EDIT: Vote to see Wednesday's comic early. Got back from my conference and churned out a page for yous. /edit

I've been sick for a week and got totally behind on work-work, so no comic today. Headed to Philadelphia for a conference today as well, presenting my research at Temple University during the poster session.

Until next Wednesday, please enjoy some art made by my buddy Habilis Orian, whose webcomic is Epic Ethel and whose Facebook page with tons of links elsewhere for those tumblrs/flickrs out there, is here. Habs made this for my bday back on the 9th <3, been saving it for a rainy day.

Otherwise, previous news still valid: SpiderForest Comic of the Week is Sunset Grill! It's a masterful sci-fi story that for the most part, follows around a young lady from the streets with a will of steel who seeks to better herself through higher education... and a knife-wielding gang leader who has the hots for her (but damned if he'll admit it overly much, SO FRUSTRATING THANKS KAT). Also, in the future. There is the occasional cyborg, but so far, they're not very violent. Highly recommended!

And the news just came out: The Comic Creators for Freedom fundraiser IS taking place this year! Webcomic creators from all over the world will be drawing art (awkward school photos this time) to help raise money to combat human trafficking. Colbey will be participating this year of course. Check out their site and let your favorite webcomic creators know!

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