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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 14
May 26, 2010

And here's your update! Sorry again about missing Monday. Buffers would be a nice thing to have, but I've found without the stress of a deadline, I don't get ANYTHING done. Unfortunately, that means if I'm not near a computer the night before, the update doesn't happen. A very bad habit, for sure. Maybe one day I'll break that? Check back tomorrow and Friday for the other 2 updates scheduled this week.

There's a bit of discussion in the forum about Colbey killing these guys. I'm sure there's more than one person reading this who may now consider our heroine to be a cold-blooded killer. I mean, c'mon, shooting poor James point-blank? He didn't even try to kill her like it seemed Nick was about to! Does this make her a cold-blooded killer? Chime in here in the comments or in the forum [which is lonely, and you should totally go join it].

Well, my hike was a blast! The mutt and I hiked up to Erebus in the Adirondacks. I arrived late on Saturday, of course, only about 2 hours before sun set...and the sun sets early in the mountains. Bad, Kez, bad! Should have made a GOOD camp at the trailhead instead of your make-shift, shitty camp at the summit in the 20 minutes of daylight you had left! And I knew that too, but I had my pride to consider! Worst excuse ever, I know.

Highlight of the trip was my second night there on the shore of Fish Brook Pond (it's a lake, really. Why the hell is called "pond?"). Woke up at 3am to see the clearest, darkest sky ever. A 3/4's moon was just about to set, but it blazed like a second sun behind the trees. Absolutely beautiful. Cannot wait to go out again. Erebus was so bland otherwise though, I doubt I'll go back. I've seen more wildlife in a suburban backyard, seriously. I am accustomed to finding game trails and exploring. THERE WERE NO GAME TRAILS. It was like there were no animals! No signs, no droppings. I admit, I DID hear an owl. That was about as wild as it got. Otherwise, chipmunks. Lots and lots of chipmunks, which pleased my dog to no end. Next time, he gets a heavier pack *grumblegrumble*. Half way up, he started to lag behind, and I thought the pack was too much for him, so I lugged it with my own...only to discover as soon as it was off he had all the energy of a freaking puppy as he chased the damn chipmunks. Little stinker.

Sorry, no pics of the trip! I don't like taking much tech out with me. Just more weight and more worries.

Lastly, I've updated the Chip-in widget at left for July. It will be impossible for me to do 3x weekly updates in June as I study for the MCAT, so collections go towards Monday pages in July. In June, What it Takes will revert to Wednesday/Friday only. Sorry to slow down the pace, school first!