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October 16, 2013

Sorry peeps, I tried twice to sit down and make this comic, and it just wasn't happening. But there's always my other comic if you get bored.

The SpiderForest Comic of the Week is Cetiya!. Take manga, cyberpunk, and a handful of socially-inept technogeniuses working for a shadowy government branch, and you've got Leah's comic!

There, now you have tons of pages to read since I'm not updating today. See you friday!

Arc 14 - Peter's Middle Name - Page 9
October 11, 2013

Whoops, forgot to update the news! Was out of town for a wedding.

Today's Comic of the Week is the beautiful, the sassy, the hawt, Dream*scar! I'll upload the banner when I get home from work (as I'm a doof and forgot to put this up last night), but trust me, the art is gorgeous. The story is about Vix, an unhuman who just found out she's got dangerous supernatural powers. After fleeing the cops out to get her, she ends up protected by other unhumans and finds out that her dear ol dick of a dad is the leader of the unhumans, out to get equal rights in a world scared shitless. It's ok that I use this profanity to describe Dream*scar, I mean, c'mon, you should hear hchano!

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