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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 13
May 21, 2010

EDIT: thanks for catching that typo, readers! I won't be able to fix it until next wednesday though, since I'm without the file now and won't have it for days while I hike. Hopefully like me, the majority of you will auto-correct in your heads in the meantime. <3

Well, James, it was nice knowin' ya! That's it for cameos for this arc, but they continue in Arc 4, no worries all you eager Red Shirts. This is the final strip featuring James Roden of Requiem. You can sign up to die (or be in a crowd scene, for those of you without the death wish...) in the forum!

I have a horribly early lab day tomorrow so I can leave for camping, so that's it from me. THIS COMIC WILL NOT UPDATE MONDAY. Because I will be on top of a mountain as far from technology as I can be. That is all. Check back W-Th-F instead. If I don't return, I've decided to join my wild brethren, and have gone feral. You can lure me back with promises of chocolate. Bon nuit!