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Arc 14 - Peter's Middle Name - Page 1
September 12, 2013

And we're back to Peter for this arc! I have to be in the OR at 7am tomorrow, so I'm postponing the raffle until Friday. Need sleep. Obviously Peter is not the best at snowshoeing. We'll just leave that to Colbey.

I want to give a nice new shout out to SpiderForest's newest additions:

Lapse: Bianca Fortune's life was listless before an accident stranded her amongst the ghosts in her haunted home. In the struggle to return to her still-living body, Bianca is confronted with other lost spirits, a demonic entity, and the importance of moving on.

Damsels Don't Wear Glasses: Life's no cake walk in Persephone for some, but Lave Faraday has it worse than most. This is a story about a girl with a sword, an obsessive compulsive vampire, and a morose ten year old boy trying to get by in a city where ghouls, magic and monsters are as common as butter on toast.

Bedlam Genesis: Everything has a beginning. This is the beginning of Chaos and Tranquility -- embodied in two girls who have no idea they're supposed to kill each other.

Evus: Set in a world of endless cloud seas, Evus is the steampunk-inspired story of a young pilot and his little sister, who embark on a journey to save their sinking hometown, but soon find themselves caught in the crossfire of war...and of forces far too dangerous and powerful for them to comprehend.

Supervillainous: The Crimson Claw is an established supervillain balancing two lives - that of a single father, and leader of a powerful criminal empire!

The Sundown Boys:What will happen to four troubled brothers when old faces reappear and incite a whirlwind of events that could change their lives forever? Light can exist even in the darkest of worlds.

Stargazer's Gate: Some gates are made to keep people in. Others are made to keep things out. Stargazer's Gate holds a secret, and more than anything, it wants to be free.

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