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No Page Tuesday
September 3, 2013

Hey all! Hope you had a happy weekend/holiday <3 We're $30 out from an extra page, so no page today, but Thursday has an update scheduled! The updated total is $206 (meter)+124(books/stories)=$350, +$35 for another extra page next Monday, total of $385. That's the last extra page I'm offering for awhile, it's close enough to the goal of $400! The drive continues until THIS friday (Sept 6), when I'll do the drawing for the piece of What it Takes original art. Still haven't forgotten about the wallpaper either, no worries! <3 Thanks so much for all the support!
Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 37
August 30, 2013

Arc 13 is over is another 3 pages! Arc 14 is titled "Peter's Middle Name." There's a pretty big reveal coming up though, so stay tuned! BWAH HAH HAH.

Phew, 2 weeks of 5x/week updates is a lot of work. If you guys want an extra update next Tuesday, 9/3, the amount to raise is $7 (left-over from me putting up Thursday's page with a short amount) $35 $30. The updated total is $196 (meter)+123(books/stories)=$319 + $30 more for Thursday page, goal total of $350). I paid that bill now I just need to make up that difference ($80) to make my insurance payment by the 14th D:

Remember, no comic on Labor Day (monday), but hopefully on Tuesday, and definitely on Wednesday. I'll do the raffle drawing next Friday (so if you want to be in the drawing for it, you have to donate/buy something by then!) for the original piece of What it Takes art, and hopefully get the donator wallpaper finished this weekend. :) Have a good weekend folks!

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