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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 36
August 29, 2013

You all have been supremely generous with me, so I will be with you. Wasn't holding the page hostage for $7, but I still have to roll the remaining $7 over to the next available update, which will be TUESDAY 9/2. Taking Labor Day off comics :)

So, we are $7+35 away from another extra update! The updated total is $184 (meter)+123(books/stories)=$307, +$7+$35 more for Thursday page, goal total of $350). I paid that bill yesterday, now I just need to make up that difference ($92) to make my insurance payment by the 14th D:

That wallpaper will get done as soon I'm not trying to cram out new pages every night, heh.

And Marlin, way to alienate your second in command. I think she'd rather work for someone she knows will try to screw her over rather than someone who will pretend to do otherwise.

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