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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 35
August 28, 2013

Oh Marlin, is that a relieved "phew?" Geez man, what the heck kind of game are you playing? In other news, 350 pages of What it Takes today! Pretty cool! Another 150-200 left in the story. AHHHH it should be done in by the end of next year! Amazing!

We are $8 away from an update tomorrow! The updated total is $184 (meter)+123(books/stories)=$307, +$8 more for Thursday page, goal total of $315). I'm going to pay the bill this afternoon and keep offering extra pages in the hopes that by next week sometime, when the rest of my usual bills are due, we can make up the difference. Thank you EVERYONE for your support these past few weeks, even if we don't make it all the way, I never even would have been able to pay any of it on my own. You guys rock. That wallpaper will get done as soon I'm not trying to cram out new pages every night, heh.

Peace out, folks!

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