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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 31
August 22, 2013

So, we're set for an update tomorrow AND Monday already, and we're $29 toward a TUESDAY, 8/27 update (current total $184+90(books)=$274, +$6 more for tuesday page, goal total of $280). It appears I have much comicking ahead of me. YAY!

Sometimes I really like to sneak historical or pop culture references into my scripts, I hope some of you get the Rome bit. What do you think of Marlin's explanation so far?

Certainly better than, "because he's my father," right? *smacks that commenter up the back of the head* Seriously? His name isn't Luke!

Anyway, the final half his explanation is tomorrow, so come on back! Must personalize 2 sets of books now, yesterday was so busy I could not get around to it D: By friday they will be in the mail certainly! <3 EDIT: I was just going over inventory, and there are ONLY three more sets of all five books left. The are first come, first serve. I've got around 30 of Arc 1 available still though.

A reminder that if you are looking to join a webcomic community, SpiderForest is accepting applications until the 24th of August. Check here for specifics.

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