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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 30
August 21, 2013

Well put my pessimism on a stick and light it on fire. ANOTHER book order came in, so updating the totals below!

Well, thanks to five awesome people, you all will be treated to M-F updates, definitely a monday update and most likely a tuesday update, so make sure to come back a lot! And we're $29 toward a TUESDAY, 8/27 update (current total $184+90(books)=$274, +$6 more for tuesday page, goal total of $280). Man you all rawk. You rawk hard. <3. Have to personalize 5 more books and ship them today too! AHHHHHHH so many pages to finish! I love it I love it!

Now please say goodbye to our last Red Shirt, Mrfatelurk! No more crazy eyes! It's been swell. I have to add him and Mithlycos to the RSQ page, and go back to edit in Mithlycos' final "lying dead with open eyes" panel, I can't believe I forgot it! ...Therapy? Why would I need that?

I also should say that these two are the LAST red shirts who will appear in this comic. It's really time consuming to do them and make sure I have the right references on hand to actually make a likeness. If I do them again, it'll be part of a donation thing, where you can donate a certain amount to die or cameo in the comic, and that amount goes toward extra pages. Maybe some day!

As for today's page, two of you called it, kinda. Through the door! The real question is, did she KNOW mrfatelurk was there? My bet is, Colbs trusts her gut. She figured he'd be close. That crazy sneak!

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