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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 28
August 19, 2013

$25 TWO DOLLARS more in the pot (total of $108 +$67 from book/story sales, true total of $175) means an update on Tuesday! Eh, with only two dollars more I'll just put it up anyway. You guys rock. <3

Remember, the total just keeps rolling over until it hits $35, and updates on W/F are always part of the normal schedule. Thank you everyone who has donated so far, still working on that wallpaper, and I'm about 1/4 of the way toward paying that bill. I wonder if they allow payment plans, just in case though.

Colbey, Colbey, why are you loosening the grip on your weapon? What is going through that thick skull of yours? Is it trapception or isn't it?

If it was the Longest Con, would I tell you? No. I wouldn't tell you if it weren't either.

A reminder that if you are looking to join a webcomic community, SpiderForest is accepting applications until the 24th of August. Check here for specifics.

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