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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 27
August 16, 2013

EDIT: Oh! And it's the final days for The Hues Kickstarter! Post-apocalyptic magical kick ass girls, with alien invasion! A project to definitely support.

Guys, guys $5 in the pot means another There will be another update on Monday! Do you like Monday updates? I like Monday updates. Mostly I like getting closer to paying this damn bill, but I like Monday updates too! A total of $96 in the I'm Raising widget +$44 from book purchases=$35x4.

You can donate via the I'm Raising widget above, OR purchase anything in the sidebar! ALL purchases go toward the goal, and all additions to the pot get you entered in a raffle for original What it Takes art of your choice, mailed to you (on 11x14 bristol board, in ink)! Remember, regardless of the total, this comic updates W/F as part of normal operations. Here's the sketch of the wallpaper I'm making for donors too:

 photo xena-and-herccopy_zpse275db95.jpg

So today's page is a bit wild. Colbs' gone a bit wild. Noor is doing a strip disarm in that lower panel. And what's this? ...Arthur wants Colbey...alive? ZOMG what's going on.

Don't forget, SpiderForest is accepting applications for new members to our glorious network. See that banner at the top of the page? And that neurotic dropdown list of comics on the right? Well, all of those are SpiderForest comics, and all of us link each other, and have this lovely community, and 2x a year we take applications to have some new people join. Here's more details. Spread the word!

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