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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 21
August 5, 2013

Here's your first Monday update! $11 more for another extra page TOMORROW. THERE WILL BE ANOTHER PAGE TOMORROW! $35 more (total of $81, +$24 from book sales) means another update on Thursday). Until I can pay that tuition bill, ALL funds go into the pot, including the side stories (and books! Physical books of Arcs 1-5) at right. Everyone who helps me out with $5 or more gets entered in a raffle for a piece of original What it Takes art on 11x14 bristol board, mailed to you.

For the perspective on this page, I took quite a lot of reference photos. Might I say, it's a difficult angle to get when propping a camera up against an oven. But worked well enough I think! A few of you way back when surmised the entire thing might be a trap. But what kind of trap?

Come around wednesday for the answer, or heck, tomorrow, depending. $11 for an update tomorrow (with normal updates wednesday and friday).

In other important news

SpiderForest is accepting applications for new members to our glorious network. See that banner at the top of the page? And that neurotic dropdown list of comics on the right? Well, all of those are SpiderForest comics, and all of us link each other, and have this lovely community, and 2x a year we take applications to have some new people join. Here's more details.

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