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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 20
August 2, 2013

EDIT: Add $24 to total funds, so page on Monday <3 with $9 toward the next page. Books and sidestories and stuff count toward this too, but can't go through the meter, so I'll subtract any amounts of those from the total I need to raise (total started at $400, and now it's $376, since $24 came from book and story sales).

What, did anyone actually expect this to go to plan? Hahaha come on! We're talking about Colbey here!

All shall be revealed...on the next update! Ten more pages are scripted, and a LOT is going to come out into the open.

Don't worry, there's still more blood and stuff too.


So, that there donation meter. First, Chip In was bought out by some other company and closed down. I'm Raising is the replacement that still does transactions through Paypal, and has a live meter update. This is the information I've found about the service. And of course their site.

I have a lovely tuition bill due at the end of the month ($399) that there's no way I can afford, so any donations would be very much appreciated. I guess it's a per credit class registration fee. Like wtf.

Everyone who donates will be entered into a raffle for a piece of What it Takes original art (of your choice), inked on 11x14 bristol board, mailed to you. Here's the prize from the last raffle. Sorry for the poor quality pic, typical cell phone shot.

I'll also be putting a new short story up in a week or two, of Peter's first days at the City. There will be a raffle for that too.

Sorry to all the sudden be "I NEED MONIES," but my finances allow me to survive month to month, never save up. Per usual, regardless of the outcome of any fund raising, 2 pages a week will be up as part of the normal schedule, completely free of course.

Thanks so much for any support, and of course, thanks for reading. If $35 gets into that meter by Saturday, there will be a page on Monday.

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