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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 16
July 17, 2013

For those interested, Indy-pup is still doing quite well. He's got another two weeks of Doxycycline to go, but he has no regression, nor signs of neuro or kidney damage from whatever-it-was. I'm still going with canine lyme, but hey, nothing verified. All empirical treatment.

I've also managed to take up (and get done) enough work to pay back half the bill so far. For the dog saga, check the news on this update.

Anyway, today's update, just pretend Colbey is wearing light colored gloves please. I find gloves a bugger to draw, so I tend not too even if I've scripted it. But hey, they got to the target location, all according to plan! This assassination is going well so far!

Maybe? Maybe? We'll see.

And oh yeah, you can vote to see the next page early. Been working on getting my buffer back even if the world is conspiring against me. :)

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