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Arc 2 - Damsel in Distress - Page 10
May 14, 2010

I suppose this will suffice for gore. I always envision a bit bloodier in my head, and then the deadline for the update means less and less of that vision becomes reality. I'll have to step it up a bit on the next death.

Speaking of which, everyone say hi and bye to our first Red Shirt, Nick! I'm sorry it doesn't look exactly like you, but, hrm, it's hard! Hopefully you're at least recognizable. I'll have to make a cast page for people who've died in this comic. If you'd like to die (or appear in a crowd scene), check out this post for rules.

I still need a few (50+) people to take this short survey for an ad company. Ads pay for my internet. Kez+internet=comics.

I'd also like to take a minute and express my thanks to people who are linking this comic on forums and emails! I really appreciate the word of mouth advertising. It's the best kind. :)

I suppose I also ought to start answering questions people post in the comments (which can be found right below the comic. Click the [Comment] link). First, Desert Dave commented about how he did not approve of Colbey's knife being on the same sheath as her machete, since this would make them doubly easy to lose. While it has not come up in the comic, she also carries another knife in her righthand pocket (you can see the clip in close-ups). Having the knife there was also a stylistic choice on my part for a double-draw. Since in Pekiti Tirsia the knife is held in the left hand when used with machete or sword, and the machete is usually sheathed on the left already, it made sense to me to have both on the left as opposed to the knife on the belt at her right. If she did that, she'd have to switch hands. If she loses the blade and the knife on the sheath, she has a back-up.

Desert Dave also commented about the gun being holstered on her LEFT shoulder. It also hasn't come up, but Colbey has been out of ammo for quite some time. The gun at this point is a bluff. Having it on her right shoulder would hinder her ability to draw the machete on her left. It's not a left-hand gun, I promise. Of course, that may have been a very stupid reason to have it on the left. And furthermore, admittedly, I have never had a rifle holstered on my shoulder AND had a blade on my left hip. I'll have to experiment and find out! Thank you also for pointing out I had the ejection port on the wrong side. I will pay more attention to that in the future! Time take some more reference shots of the family firearms. Whee! Always fun. This will hopefully allow me to correct the horrible second panel on the previous page. D:

There have been a couple comments on when it will be revealed how the world "ended" and the details surrounding the ring around Colbey's neck. All in due time! I ask you bear with me for a while longer until such details become pertinent.

12 more pages in this story arc. Be sure to check back Monday EVENINGS for extra updates all this month, too. Thanks for readin'!