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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 13
July 10, 2013

Sorry about the delay, the update on the pup and The Emergency Vet Adventures is on the previous page. In short, he's doing just fine and I have the dubious pleasure of shoving pills down his throat for the next month ><

I've also picked up a new few well paying commissions that have almost covered the vet bill. On paper at least. Still waiting on payment for the first one. Sometimes I feel like I should do more scientific illustration. It pays much better than drawing people's OCs (but it's not nearly as fun!).

So, today's page. Not much going on, but getting closer to the goal! Driftwood is built on the remains of another town that almost got washed away, and one building withstood the flooding particularly well. For those of you who bought the Arc 5 Extension or The Longest Goodbye, a room featured there happens to be in the building of the last panel. And as Colbs explained at the beginning of Arc 4, Driftwood was built and named as such because of the accumulation of driftwood there.

Speaking of the extra stories, thank you wonderful readers for purchasing any of the extra stories in the sidebar, and the DONATIONS, zomg <3 Especially at this time. Too many damn bills, but thanks to you guys, none of them will be late this month. Still got to get ahead on the vet bill, but certainly going to get a good chunk of it paid back soon.

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