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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 9
June 12, 2013

Well personally I think hiding a tunnel in a wrecked truck is an awesome idea. Who'd even look there? Granted, creating the damn thing would be the hard part.

I started in the lab for realz this week, not just catching up and reading papers, and oohhhhhh maaaaannnn did I miss it. Just being allowed to WORK and DO THINGS and NOT sit around listen to people TALK all day! Guys, it feels so good. I can't even explain. Fellow labrats will understand.

But I'm well on my way to recovering from studying for that horrible test. I got an ulcer from the damn thing. But there's so little stress and I'm going on vacation tomorrow, so, life is good!

No worries about the vacation either, friday's update is loaded and ready to go! Anyone interested in 3x/week updates in July? Chip-in got bought out so I'll need to find a new meter thingy, but if there's a desire for it, I'll do it.

Got to pack and hide it from the dog. See you later, folks! Happy Wednesday, the week is half over!

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